How do I find Baby Dolls?

Baby Dolls gentlemen’s club in Dallas is located just north of the Stemmons Freeway on Shady Trail Road. We’re just a block away from the MCM Elegante. Baby Dolls gentlemen’s club in Fort Worth is located on Highway 157 just south of Trinity Boulevard.

How Late is Baby Dolls Open?

We open our doors at 11 a.m., and we close at 2 a.m. Our seven stages of “sin-tillating” sexiness are open seven days a week.

Do I need an ID?

We require all of our guests to bring a photo ID proving that they are at least 21 years old. Whether you are a young buck or an old hand, we will need to see your driver’s license, passport or other valid form of government-issued ID with your picture on it. And, no, we won’t accept a note from your mom, girlfriend or co-worker instead.

How do I Book a Private Party?

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, saluting a promotion or sending a best friend on that long walk down the green mile sometimes called the wedding aisle, we make it easy for our guests to book a private party.

We have several fantastic party packages available and we will be happy to work with you to organize any special requests your group might have for your night on the town.

What Specials does Baby Dolls Offer?

Aside from hosting the sexiest ladies in all of Texas, Baby Dolls offers a number of eye-opening and mouth-watering specials for you to enjoy. We have a daily free lunch buffet that is guaranteed to fill you up.

We also host frequent special events for sporting games, boxing matches, etc. One of the best specials we offer is the VIP Club, which gives you access to special promotions and opportunities to win free gifts and offers.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear a suit or simply throw on a polo shirt. Our ladies love men who dress comfortably and respectfully. We do ask that you leave any clothing with potentially offensive phrases on it tucked away in your dresser at home.

Do You Serve Alcohol?

That’s like asking a monk if he prays. Of course we serve alcohol! We have a complete list of beer, wine and spirits for you to choose from. You can sit back with a Bud or live it up with a bottle of Cristal. Whatever your pleasure, our beautiful ladies will make sure your cup runneth over during your visit.

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