Reserve Your Bachelor Party at Baby Dolls Saloon

Getting hitched is a big step for any man to take, and at Baby Dolls our gals will be happy to help you take your first step down the aisle. As you ponder the possibilities of the future, be sure your best man knows about the fabulous bachelor parties we host in Dallas and Fort Worth because your last night of freedom isn’t something you want to leave to chance.

Sending You Off in Style

A bachelor party at Baby Dolls comes with everything you need to have a great time for just $500, our bachelor party special includes admission for up to 10 guests and a bottle of champagne to get the party started.

Once everyone in the party is relaxed and ready to have fun, the condemned man, also known as the “groom,” will be brought up on stage where three dancers will put his will to the test. Our gals will dance and roast the groom until he is redder than a Texas tomato. It is great fun for everyone and a fantastic way to say goodbye to the single life.

We also can incorporate special requests and bachelor party ideas into the program. All your best man needs to do is ask and you shall receive. Baby Dolls is proud to be the most accommodating bachelor party venue in Texas, and we guarantee that we will go the extra mile to put a spring in your step that will have you skipping down the aisle.

Gifts Galore

No bachelor party is complete without a proper reminder of the experience. At the end of the night, all of our soon-to-be-married gentlemen walk away with a t-shirt and a certificate to remind them of the experience at our bachelor party venue.

That is, of course, just the icing on the cake. The real gift is the memories of nearly 175 beautiful gals dancing in each of our Dallas and Fort Worth gentlemen’s clubs. Each of our highly skilled dancers does their part to ensure that all of our guests have an experience that they will never forget … and that their wives never want to know about.

There is no need to wonder where to throw a bachelor’s party in Dallas or Fort Worth. Baby Dolls is the only place in town where you can rest, relax and get prepared to make the long walk down the green mile known as the wedding aisle.

To get the party started, have your best man call Baby Dolls in Fort Worth at 817-267-7701 or Dallas at 214-358-5511. We will make sure all the titillating details are wrapped in lace and lingerie when everyone arrives.

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