A Stripper’s Guide to Adult Club Slang

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Strip clubs are places for guys, girls and couples to relax away from the grind of daily life. Places to let off steam and enjoy some beautiful company in a fun, friendly environment.

You’ll also find adult clubs have their own lingo and slang. If you really want to fit in, you need to know that adult club slang and the way the strippers use it.

Follow this guide to learn the basics, but wait until you’re sure of your place in the pecking order to drop your new knowledge. You definitely don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard at strip clubs in Dallas or Fort Worth.

“OG Stripper”

If you’ve heard the term OG before, chances are it was in a rap song. This general street slang means “original gangster” and it found its way into popular culture through gangster rap and hip hop music.

In strip clubs in Dallas, an OG stripper is any dancer who’s been there for more than a few years. If you get a dance from a girl that’s been working in the same place for 10 years, you’ve got an OG stripper on your hands.

“Blue Light Shoppers”

This is a term used by strippers to take down the little guys trying to have a night on the cheap. Blue light shoppers show up for two-for-one drink specials, cheap dances in the middle of the week and sip one drink all night.

Don’t be a blue light shopper if you want the respect of the people at the club.

“Chum the Waters”

This term is used by strippers and adult club patrons alike. Chumming the waters means you drop a bunch of dollars down on the stage when you first arrive, hoping to get the attention of the ladies in the building.

People who chum the waters aren’t bad in the eyes of strippers, at least not if they buy drinks and tip well the rest of the night, too.

“Discreet Billing”

This is a term that you’re likely to hear in an adult club, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the back room. In fact, all discreet billing means is that any charges on your credit card will show up under a different name.

For example, many adult clubs have a kitchen with a restaurant that technically has a different business name. The sign on the door also might be different than the one the company uses at the bank.

Instead of Dave’s Strip Club Palace on your credit card statement, you’d see something like Dave’s Entertainment Buffet.

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