Adult Entertainers in Dallas Share Their Favorite Pick Up Lines

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favorite pick up lines

Let’s be honest: words matter.

When the late, great Robin Williams said the classic Dead Poets Society, “Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do.” Truer words were never spoken, especially when it comes to the dancers at a gentlemen’s club. If you get the urge to try a line on one of them, it had better be a good one. After all, these women are hard at work night after night and day after day. If you drop some corny, played-out line, expect her to keep on walking.

So, what if you’re not much of a wordsmith? Not too worry, because we’ve compiled a list of some lines that did have our girls stand up and take notice.

“Are you sure you’re not a tower? Because Eiffel for you.”??

France is a classy place. Women like class. Could not be simpler.

Just make sure you use this one when the music isn’t blaring. Nothing kills a good pun like having to repeat it seven or eight times.

“Are you lost? Because heaven is a long way from here.”

This one is a variation on the old “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” chestnut. By putting a fresh twist on a well-known line, you’ve just demonstrated to her that you appreciate the classics, but you still have own unique individuality. And we all know women love guys who stand out from the pack.

“Are you a piece of carbon? Because I would love to date you.”

It’s a science thing. You don’t even have to know what it means. Just say it. She’ll think you’re smart.

“Are you made up of dark matter? Because you’re indescribable.”

More science! Smart lines like this are sure to generate “chemistry.” Unleash your inner Neil deGrasse Tyson and take her to the moon and back.

“Is your name Ariel? Cause we mermaid for each other.”

“The Little Mermaid” references work 100% of the time, every time. Fact.

“Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.”

Women love to feel needed, especially in a maternal sense. The Florence Nightingale Effect (look it up) should kick in immediately.

“If God made anything more beautiful than you, I’m sure He’d keep it for Himself.”

It’s always good to bring up God in a gentlemen’s club. Give her a sermon she’ll never forget.

If you haven’t already noticed, these are terrible pick-up lines.

Do you want a dancer’s attention? Be cool, have money and don’t say or do anything creepy. Stick to that plan, and our girls will definitely look forward to seeing you here at Baby Dolls again!

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