Top Sporting Events with Topless Party Girls

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Enjoy Your Favorite Sporting Events with Topless Party Girls When you’re searching for places to watch the game in Dallas, you might assume that your local sports bar is your only option. But did you know that Baby Dolls could be your hangout spot for every sport and season? At our Dallas strip club, we’re […]

strip club costs

How Much Does a Night at a Strip Club Cost?

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When you’ve built your knowledge of strip clubs based on R-rated rap videos, stories from friends, and tabloid tales of celebrity big spenders, you might wonder if it’s an epic experience beyond your budget. But before you give up on your dreams of kicking back with a gorgeous girl and a lap dance or two, […]

The History of Pole Dancing

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Odds are, when you’re enjoying a sexy dance performance from your favorite dancers at Baby Dolls, you aren’t exactly pondering the history of this sultry skill. Our stunning entertainers  have an impressive talent for commanding all of your attention – your mind isn’t going to be wandering off mid-show, that’s for sure. But when you’re […]

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A Look Back at the Hottest Strip Scenes in Movies

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We can all think of at least a few steamy movie scenes that we’ve watched and rewatched time and time again, putting the remote’s “rewind” button to work. And we aren’t just talking about X-rated films – there are more than a few Hollywood blockbusters that can heat up movie night. So, pop your popcorn, […]

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Home for the Holidays Means Visiting the Ladies at Baby Dolls

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Updated: 5/2/2023 Visit Baby Dolls this Holiday Season! If your holiday season in Dallas doesn’t include topless entertainers, Southern food, fine cigars, and adult beverages, you’re doing it wrong – but Baby Dolls Saloon can help you remedy that. Visiting Baby Dolls can be your newest winter tradition, one that will surely become the reason […]

The History of Gentlemen’s Clubs in Texas (pt. 2)

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In our last post about the history of stripping, we took you through the twists and turns of the earliest forms of erotic entertainment (if you missed that piece, we definitely recommend checking it out!). Today, we’re picking up right where we left off: stripping history in Texas, beginning in the late 1930s. If you […]

The History of Gentlemen’s Clubs in Texas (pt.1)

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When you think of stripping history, you might imagine the burlesque clubs of the 1930s, the playful pinup girls from the 1950s, or the go-go dancers of the swinging 60s. But did you know that the history of stripping actually goes much, much further back than that? Texas strip clubs are just one part of […]

History of the G-String

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Strip Club History – The G-String Whether you call it a G-string or thong, we’re willing to bet that most guys (and plenty of ladies!) have a special kind of appreciation for this skimpy lingerie style. With just a few strings and a tiny piece of fabric, it’s a famously flirtatious look that leaves almost […]

bachelor party loading at Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls strip Club Bachelor Party Packages

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When one of the guys is about to bid the single life farewell for good, a next-level bachelor party is a must. We’re pretty sure that one of the many unwritten rules of “guy code” is that it’s your duty to put together a celebration that sends him into marriage with one last hurrah that […]


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