You’ve Heard of The Freshman 15 – Come See 15 Beautiful Ladies to Celebrate College Life With

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College is an experience that should be full of experiences you never forget. From tailgate parties to professors who shape your career, a night or two at a gentlemen’s club in Fort Worth or a gentlemen’s club in Dallas should be part of the pre-graduation equation. If you are looking for a way to work off the ‘‘freshman 15,’’ there is no better way to do it than by spending a night in the company of the lovely ladies who entertain guests at Baby Dolls.

Scored a big touchdown during the last game? Our nimble dancers will be happy to show you their own moves as they swing and sway across the stage. Just like you, they field passes left and right and would be delighted to show off their skills for you.

Aced that big biology test? Our ladies love intelligent men and would be happy to sit down and have a drink with you as you regale them with tales of the antics of your professors. Beauty and brains go hand in hand at Baby Dolls and you will have a great time sitting back and enjoying the company of Texas’ most talented dancers.

Graduating? Graduation is a significant accomplishment and there is absolutely every reason to give yourself a pat on the back. And, while you’re at it, be sure to throw in a table dance and maybe even a private dance so that you can truly savor the sweet victory that comes when the registrar’s office clears your sheepskin for delivery.

Every Tuesday is College Night and our smart and sassy schoolgirls are eager to show off the things they have learned. Simply show up with your student or faculty ID and you will receive evening cover for the daytime price. We’ll even set the Xbox Ones up in the private suites so you and your buddies can bring in your own controllers to play games until the wee hours of the morning.

When you come into Baby Dolls, be sure to take a look at our VIP packages. Members of our VIP Club receive plenty of drink promotions and special appearances to keep the party going. Members also receive free gifts and special offers that you won’t want to miss out on.

Baby Dolls is always open and the party never ends. Located at 10250 Shady Trail in Dallas and 3601 Highway 157 in Fort Worth, our gentlemen’s clubs are the easiest parties to find and the only parties you will want to ink into your calendar.

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