An individual marks a calendar date for a bachelor party

Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party

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Do you have a buddy that’s getting ready to sail off into wedded bliss? Or maybe you’re the one that’s about to become the Mr. to a brand-new Mrs., and the big day is fast approaching. Whether you’re the groom-to-be, a best man, or even just a part of the wedding party crew, planning a […]

Baby Dolls Saloon in Dallas: We’re Back!

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Here at Baby Dolls Saloon, we’ve been counting down the days until we can reopen our doors and welcome you back – and we are excited to announce that time has finally come! Everyone from our lovely ladies to our hosting staff has missed spending their days and nights with our guests, who we’ve always […]

New to Dallas Strip Clubs? We answer your Questions

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Everybody has a memorable story about their first time – the first time they ever visited a strip club, that is. From the knockout entertainment to the party-ready atmosphere, a great gentlemen’s club has plenty to offer. But if you’ve never been to a strip club, you might have a few questions about what to […]

How to Avoid the 10 Mistakes Guys Make at the Strip Club

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A great strip club is like a sexy playground straight out of many guys’ dreams, complete with half-naked playmates, a fully-stocked bar, and plenty of delicious snacks. It’s everything you could ever want to indulge in under a single roof, putting fun temptations within easy reach for a truly excellent night out. The girls are […]

Ideas for the Best Bachelor Party in 2018

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It’s a situation that’s become all too common. Guy proposes to his lady; she says yes. She tells her girlfriends, they’re ecstatic. The guy tells his friends, and their reaction is remarkably ecstatic (they are definitely already planning the bachelor party in their heads). Do we call weddings just an excuse to throw a bachelor […]

How to Party Like a Celeb for Your Bachelor Party

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If you’ve been tasked with the important role of planning every man’s favorite rite of passage – the bachelor party – you might look to your favorite celebrities to inspire a guys’ night out for the ages. We’ve all heard the stories of celebrities living it up at a gentlemen’s club. These lucky guys spend their nights surrounded by the best dancers […]


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