Celebrities Who Were Exotic Dancers before Becoming Famous

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It is no secret that some of Hollywood’s brightest stars know how to shine in the spotlight as they walk down the red carpet. What few people know is that many celebs, before they were famous, got their start dancing on stage.

In fact, the following are just some of the long list of celebrities that used to be dancers before strutting their stuff down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Need some dough to pay for a new nose? Zeta-Jones did and she became an exotic dancer to cover the rhinoplasty that got her photos under the noses of top Hollywood executives.

Lady Gaga

Of all the celebrity strippers, this one is perhaps the least surprising. She had fans going Gaga oh-la-la long before she sang about how bad romance could be.

Channing Tatum

Wonder why Tatum looked so good in ‘‘Magic Mike’’? It’s because he had plenty of practice in Florida before shooting his scenes for the movie. When it comes to celebrities that used to be strippers, Tatum is one of only a handful that showcased their stage talents on the silver screen in a film about strippers.

Brad Pitt

Before he became a legend of the fall, Pitt had quite a few legendary exploits as a member of the “Dancing Bares.” He and his fraternity brothers had a penchant for bringing smiles to women’s faces before he had his first role in “Thelma and Louise.”

Courtney Love

The rebel of ’90s music whose love of cocaine and Cobain are well known, she used to dance her way up and down stages throughout Los Angeles before she made her way into the music scene.

Carmen Electra

When it comes to celebrities that used to be strippers, few are as electric as Carmen Electra. She still showcases her talents and her tush in a tantalizing line of aerobic-themed striptease videos.

Diablo Cody

This master of the screenwriters guild had quite the talent for making men stand up and take notice of her. She’s often said that she feels more naked as a writer than she ever did as an exotic dancer.

Dita Von Teese

Is it any surprise that this belle of the ball discovered how to tease a smile from the audience’s lips as a burlesque dancer? Not one bit at all.

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