Celebrities with Crazy Gentlemen’s Club Stories

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gentlemens club stories

Sometimes life imitates art, and there are plenty of stories of celebrities having their own real life “Hangover” moments. While you may not end up marrying Heather Graham after your next evening at a Dallas gentlemen’s club, you may end up with your very own memorable experience.

Let’s take a look at some celebrity stories.

Katy Perry … a Good Girl Gone Oh So Bad

By all accounts, Katy Perry’s bachelorette party was one for the books. Partying the night away in the Las Vegas Hard Rock, Perry reportedly cozied up to the dancers at the Sapphire Club, where she was delighted to discover that she wasn’t the only gorgeous California Gurl who could dance the night away.

David & Victoria Beckham Get Their Kicks in the Private Room

The soccer star and his starlet wife have a fondness for spending hour upon hour relaxing in gentlemen’s clubs and have been seen at the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas, among others.

Brittney Spears Does it Again

The devil inside this angel took over in February 2007 when Spears had a few extra shots of tequila at the club and decided that her dress didn’t fit just right. Her solution? She went backstage to try the dancers’ fishnets and bikinis on for size.

Dennis Rodman Scores!

Well, more like the dancers who entertained him one night back in 1996. That evening he is reported to have spent $80,000 on everything from fine champagne and food to the Benjamins he slipped into the G-strings of the finest dancers in a club.

Cee Lo Flashes the Green

2012 was a great year for the singer, and he celebrated his fortune by spreading some of it around an Indianapolis gentlemen’s club. During a football party that lasted into the wee hours, $10,000 flew from his fists. He said a fond farewell to each bill that he slipped into the bikinis of the beautiful dancers who kept him company.

Justin Bieber Isn’t Sorry

A reported $75,000 in tips and champagne at a Miami gentlemen’s club in 2014 helped “The Biebs” forget all about that Selena someone. The single boy’s favorite president is Washington, and it’s reported he spent the night spreading singles around the club.

Baby Dolls

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