These Celebs Started Their Career in Gentlemen’s Clubs, You Can Too

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Before some of your favorite stars graced the glossy pages of magazines and had millions of devoted fans, many of them supported themselves by showing off their sexy moves on stage at clubs just like Baby Dolls.

Check out a few of these celebs who started their careers dancing in gentleman’s clubs!

Lady Gaga

Before she was a world-famous pop star entertaining millions of fans and winning Grammys, she danced onstage at gentleman’s clubs in New York where she grew up. Yes! The woman known for her bizarre, bold fashion, such as her infamous meat dress and her wild high-fashion looks, once danced in little to nothing, but Lady Gaga has always been entertaining crowds with her sexy moves.

Dita Von Teese

The elegant Dita Von Teese is famous for her seductive burlesque performances, but she first began dancing onstage in California clubs as a teen. Even then, she stood out from the rest of the dancers with her vintage make-up, lingerie and corsets. She also incorporated the gloves and stockings that are still a part of her burlesque act today.

Amber Rose

The world may have first taken note of model Amber Rose when she dated Kanye West several years ago, but anyone who has been following her career knows that Amber has always been a force for sex positivity and self-expression. She got her start as an exotic dancer in her teens, showing off her unbelievable curves and bold look. It’s easy to see how Amber caught the eye of someone like West with her unique look, buzzed blonde hair and, again, those amazing curves!

Carmen Electra

It should come as no surprise that actress and model Carmen Electra got her start as an exotic dancer. Before Carmen mesmerized the world running in slow motion as a beach babe on Baywatch, she danced at gentleman’s clubs to support herself. Carmen has built a lasting career for herself beyond acting and modeling with her many DVDs to teach other women the art of dancing sexy.

Kendra Wilkinson

Before this blonde babe was a Playboy model and reality TV star, Kendra entertained very lucky audiences at gentleman’s clubs in California. It was at one of these clubs that she was allegedly discovered by Hugh Hefner himself and the rest, as they say, is history!

If you think you have the moves, dancing at Baby Dolls could be the start of your career, too! We’re proud to feature some of the hottest dancers on multiple stages at our gentleman’s clubs in Dallas and Forth Worth. Our dancers aren’t just sexy, they love to entertain and provide that sweet southern hospitality to give you the best experience.

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