Dress to Impress: What to Wear to a Gentlemen’s Club

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how to dress at a strip club

How to Dress at a Strip Club

You can bet your bottom dollar that the dancers will be dressed to impress when you visit a Dallas or Fort Worth gentlemen’s club. As always, a well-dressed lady likes a well-dressed fellow. The following are some tips on what to wear to a gentlemen’s club during your next visit.

Keep it Classy

If you are heading to the gentlemen’s club straight from the office, then keep your suit on. Ties are optional, but if you are going to wear one, be sure to keep it tied up tight. You just might catch the eye of an entertainer who’s going to do her best to help you loosen it up. As the song goes, every gal goes crazy for a sharp-dressed man.

Keep it Casual

Don’t feel like wearing a suit and tie? Not a problem. A nice button-down or a polo shirt will do just fine. But don’t pull one out of the laundry hamper that makes you look like a wrinkly mess. Nothing says that you are here to have a good time more than wearing a clean, pressed shirt.

When keeping it casual, it is also a good idea to wear jeans or slacks instead of any type of shorts. Our ladies love men who wear everything from jeans to Dockers, but prefer men who leave the shorts for the beach or the golf course.

What Not to Wear to a Gentlemen’s Club

There are some outfits that should be left for the gym or the beach – please don’t wear them to Baby Dolls. For example, tank tops, sweatpants, basketball shorts and torn jeans should be left at home when visiting our gentlemen’s clubs.

It’s also a good idea to forego wearing sandals, flip flops or any open-toed shoes. These can make it harder to move about, and you don’t want to trip and fall as you make your way to your seat. Plus, you just might end up sitting next to a big-footed cowboy wearing a pair of boots and you don’t want your precious little piggies to get stepped on.

Baby Dolls

Planning to visit a gentlemen’s club in the near future? Be sure to drop by Baby Dolls Saloon in Dallas or Fort Worth. Our entertainers are some of the finest on this side of the Rio Grande and will be happy to help you relax, whether you are taking a break from work or celebrating a special event.

Article Updated: February 28, 2022

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