Five Great Bachelor Party Ideas in Texas

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bachelor parties in texas

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas in Texas

A bachelor party may be your friend’s last chance to have some real fun before he walks down the Green Mile in the aisle of the Temple of Doom. Organizing a bachelor party in Texas is a chance for you and your friends to celebrate being men, and the following are some fun and exciting things you can do right here in Texas to send your friend into wedded bliss with a smile on his face.

Go for a Drive… in a Tank

Ox Ranch is a little ranch west of San Antonio where you can hunt big game, shoot machine guns and, yes, drive a tank and fire its massive gun at whatever gets in your way. They also offer plenty of opportunities for off-roading, rappelling, Jet Ski racing, kayaking and much more.

Hit the Brewery

Dallas is home to some of the finest breweries in the South. All you have to do is designate a driver or rent a limo and you can visit your buddy’s favorite stops one last time before he is condemned to a life of white wine spritzers and cocktail parties with his in-laws.

Take a Leap of Faith… from 10,000 feet

Is your buddy always bragging that he could take on Chuck Norris? Well, put his courage to the test by taking him into the air and throwing him out of a plane at Skydive Dallas. He’ll either scream like a little girl or prove to you that he’s man enough for marriage.

Go for a Spin… with NASCAR

If you feel the need, the need for speed, then there’s no better place to get your fix than behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car. Team Texas will take you to the track and show you how to operate the most magnificent machines on the planet.

Learn Self Defense

An angry mother-in-law is not something that should be taken lightly. Give your buddy a fighting chance by ensuring he knows a little Krav Maga. You can sign up for a day of classes so that he can get the basics under his belt before he puts on the tux.

Baby Dolls

Of course, when it comes to a great bachelor party in texas, the excitement should never end with just one experience. When the day is done and the sun goes down, head into Baby Dolls Dallas gentlemen’s club or Baby Dolls gentlemen’s club in Fort Worth.

Spending the evening with some of our dancers is one of the best bachelor party ideas in Texas or any other state! As always, we take reservations and cater to the special requests of the soon-to-be married.

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