The History of Pole Dancing

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Odds are, when you’re enjoying a sexy dance performance from your favorite dancers at Baby Dolls, you aren’t exactly pondering the history of this sultry skill. Our stunning entertainers  have an impressive talent for commanding all of your attention – your mind isn’t going to be wandering off mid-show, that’s for sure.

But when you’re not busy being a front-row fan of the babes of Baby Dolls at this very moment, you might just be interested in learning some topless entertainment trivia. And in that case, we have the perfect red-hot history lesson for you. 

While at Baby Dolls we prefer to do our sexy entertainment on a stage, we certainly still appreciate other forms of this sensual  art. This being said, today we’re uncovering the history of pole dancing, an art form you probably already appreciate plenty but might not know that much about. Once you’re done reading, you can basically consider yourself an entry-level exotic dancing expert – which qualifies your future visits to Baby Dolls as very important research, right?

The Provocative Past of Pole Dancing

Would you believe that pole dancing dates all the way back to before the 12th century? It might seem surprising to imagine that today’s sexy dancers might not be around if it weren’t for the professionals that got their start sometime in the 1100s. Over the past 900-plus years, pole dancing has definitely come pretty far, but even in its earliest form, it was something worth watching.

The Chinese Pole

It’s tough to trace pole dancing back to the very beginning, but most experts agree that it most likely started in China. Even before the 12th century, Chinese acrobats would perform fantastic feats of strength and skill on a pole that stretched close to 30 feet tall. 

Wearing full-body costumes, they would slide down the rubberized pole, stretching, flipping, and holding various positions before leaping to the group. Sometimes, more than one acrobat at a time would be on the pole. The style of Chinese pole dancing is very different from the stripteases of today, but you can definitely see some similar moves in both.

The Indian Pole

Also known as Mallakhamb, the Indian pole was part of the intense training required for wrestlers. About 800 years ago, it was a serious competitive sport that challenged participants to run and flip right onto the pole – something that might seem simple but was actually incredibly difficult. 

A wide variety of movements and positions were involved in Mallakhamb, all of which involved a balance of strength, agility, and precision. For this reason, it was used as a training method for many different sports in addition to wrestling, like judo and horseback riding. In the late 19th century, Mallakhamb saw a comeback, and it’s a popular professional sport in India today.

The “Hoochi Coochci” Dancers of the U.S.

During the Depression, there was no shortage of Americans looking for entertainment to brighten the bleak days. The conditions were ideal for the creation of pole dancing, and it didn’t take long for the trend to sweep the nation. A group of dancers called the “Hoochi Coochie” dancers performed in traveling fair, entertaining crowds with suggestive dancing and movements around the pole that help up the fair tent.

Later, in the late 1960s, the first officially-recorded exotic pole dance routine took place at a strip club in Oregon. Performed by dancer Belle Jangles, the sexy style immediately took off across the U.S. and Canada throughout the next few decades. 

Modern Pole Dancing

We owe a huge thanks to the pole dancing pioneers of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s because now, pole dancing is a staple of adult entertainment. And beyond being a fixture in strip clubs worldwide, pole dancing has also become a popular form of fitness and a respected sport.

Let Our Babes Teach You Topless-Style at our Texas Strip Clubs

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