History of the G-String

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Strip Club History – The G-String

Whether you call it a G-string or thong, we’re willing to bet that most guys (and plenty of ladies!) have a special kind of appreciation for this skimpy lingerie style. With just a few strings and a tiny piece of fabric, it’s a famously flirtatious look that leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

But have you ever wondered about how and where it got its start? As it turns out, the G-string has an interesting history that goes much further back than you might expect. Among the many unique gentlemen’s club, questions/FAQ we hear is: where did the G-string come from? One of the sexiest things a scantily-clad woman can wear, the iconic G-string has quite the story to tell.

The History of the G-String

Back in 1939, the World’s Fair in New York set the stage for the debut of the G-string. The city’s Mayor ruled that all of the nude dancers of New York had to cover up out of respect for the thousands of visitors arriving for the World’s Fair. It didn’t take long for the strip clubs in New York to figure out the perfect solution to the new regulation: G-strings. Made of a string that was designed to curve around the waist and up through the buttocks, just barely qualifying as a “covering” – but still ensuring that the dancers’ guests enjoyed a sexy show.

By the time the 1980s rolled around, most women had at least a few G-strings in their underwear drawer. As jeans were designed with tighter fits to show off their best assets, women found that a G-string was a must for that no-panty-line look. Famous lingerie retailer Frederick’s of Hollywood released what they called the “scanty panty,” selling it alongside their popular erotic wear.

In the early 2000s, the thong no longer remained invisible; in fact, the trend was to have the underwear’s strings peeking out above low-ride jeans. Further popularized by pop culture, including the hit “Thong Song” by Sisqo, there was no doubt about it: G-strings were here to stay.

Get a Real-Life Education on G-Strings at Baby Dolls

Until you’ve seen one of the topless dancers at Baby Dolls’ strip clubs in Dallas and Fort Worth donning a barely-there G-string, it’s impossible to truly grasp what’s so special about a pair of this unbelievable underwear. But once you’ve gotten up-close and personal with a dancer in a G-string, you’ll get it: there’s just something about being able to see almost everything, but not quite.

At our two gentlemen’s clubs in Fort Worth and Dallas, Baby Dolls welcomes guests to enjoy the magic of the G-string style every day and night. Our gorgeous girls take the stage in little more than their thongs, giving you a show that will leave your jaw on the floor. And if you’re smart enough to treat yourself to a private lap dance, you can bet that you’ll have a newfound love for exactly how little G-string hides.

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If you ask us, a sexy striptease is just as American as apple pie – but the odds are good that you’re going to enjoy it a heck of a lot more. Baby Dolls is the ultimate example of why strip clubs have been the go-to hangout for generations of guys, offering up the perfect place to kick back, relax, and be entertained by the hottest girls you’ve ever seen. With great food, a well-stocked bar, and the best exotic dancers in Dallas and Fort Worth, there’s nothing we don’t have here.

Plan your next night out at Baby Dolls, where the G-string – and our red-hot topless entertainers – will truly be the star of the show.

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