Must-Try Party Ideas For Unforgettable Bachelorette Events

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Who Says the Guys Get To Have All The Fun? Not Us

The general public’s attitudes and ideas about gentlemen’s clubs are starting to change, and with that change comes new possibilities for having an unforgettable night out. Take the Bachelorette Party for instance. More and more women are taking their bride-to-be BFF’s to gentlemen’s clubs than ever before. And why wouldn’t they? After all, the gorgeous dancers do know what women really want, and after working with the guys all day, they’d love to switch it up and show a squad of turnt up party girls the night of their lives. They know just how important a great bachelorette party is to a woman who’s about to walk down the aisle, and they won’t give her and her friends anything less than their best.

So if you’re thinking of having the ultimate girls night out, take some time to read these valuable tips so you can get the most out of bachelorette party experience.

Make a Day Out of It

A great bachelorette party doesn’t just happen after the sun goes down. It’s an all-day event, from dawn til dusk til dawn again. Start off with a nice brunch out with the girls. It’s a great way to set the tone, and it’ll fill you all up with even more excitement for what’s about to come.

After brunch, a visit to a spa is just the thing you’ll all need to make sure you’re rested and ready to tear it up that night. Relaxing in a sauna or soaking in a seaweed bath will help recharge your batteries and leave you refreshed, and you’ll have all the stamina you’ll need to keep the party going all night long.

You’re not going to wear the same outfit you were wearing all day when the time comes to kick the night off, are you? Of course not. So get glammed up with your girls and make that trip to the mall. Hit your favorite department stores together, and set up make-up appointments ahead of time, so every one of you totally slays it tonight.

Pace Yourself

Starting your bacheorette party off with day-time festivities is always a good decision, but just make sure you remember: you’re running a marathon, not a sprint. For example, high-level day drinking might not be the best way to get things rolling, unless you want to pass out and lay in bed by 9:00 pm. And that pasta dinner and giant piece of cheesecake might taste amazing, but food comas and bachelorette parties don’t really mix.

Keep it light. Don’t overdo it on your drinks, eat lean and clean, and don’t do any activities that will completely wipe you out before you even start your night out. So yeah, better tell your friend that her Groupons for white water rafting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes will have to be set aside for another time.

Keep The Squad On Track

The wilder the night, the more likely that something unexpected might pop up. Hopefully, it’s a pleasant surprise, like an invite to a killer after party or that cute guy’s number. But when drinks and dancing are involved, things can always go a little off the rails.

Order your drinks together, round after round. Keep the same rhythm, and you can avoid the unpleasant experience of babysitting the one squad member who decided she’d go rogue and order another vodka soda before she even finished the one that’s in her hand.

And when you are at the club, and you’re tipping the gorgeous girls, check in with everyone frequently. Make sure everyone’s tipping budget is somewhere in the same area, and tip together with your squad. Nothing kills the fun quite like having one of your own sulking because she either didn’t bring enough cash or she decided to make it rain before the first drink order was even in.

Stick to these basic fundamental rules and your bacheorette party will go just right. And if you and your girls want to come see our girls, then set up a reservation with us today. At Baby Dolls, we have everything you need to give you and your girls a night no one will ever forget. From high quality, top shelf drinks to deliciously decadent dinner options to the most stunning girls that you’ll find in all of Dallas, Baby Dolls is the place.

Must-Try Party Ideas For Unforgettable Bachelorette Events

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