Best Adult Christmas Getaways In Dallas, TX

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naughty christmas party

The holidays aren’t always as advertised. In fact, with the in-laws in town, the long lines at the mall, and all that ever-present Christmas music, it can be downright stressful. If only there were a place that could deck your halls, jingle your bells, and get you back into the holiday spirit.

Fortunately, there is. Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Baby Dolls reigns supreme as the premier live ad, not just during ult entertainment venue in the DFW. And that’s year-round, twelve months out of the year. But during the holiday season, things get a little more holly jolly at our place. Might be due to the fact that we have the hottest collection of Santa’s sexy elves in the entire Lonestar state, and they all know what you really want for Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the nice list or the naughty list, these total babes have hung their stockings by the pole with care in hopes that you and your crew will soon be there.

And speaking of you and your crew, what better gift could you possibly give your boys than a night out at Baby Dolls? We love to accommodate to our guests and coordinate their big night out, and we look forward to putting the ultimate night out together just for you and your squad.

And this time of year, what a squad that is. Maybe you’ve got family in town. Then bring ’em along! Who knows, this could be the bonding experience you and your father-in-law have been in dire need of for all these years. And if they’re in from out of town, then why not show them what a real Texas gentlemen’s club is like?

A Night Out at Baby Dolls in Dallas & Ft. Worth

Or maybe you’re visiting your hometown for the holidays. Why not get the old gang back together for a wild night out? Imagine having some cold brews with some old friends, reminiscing about the good old days while our Christmas angels unwrap some gifts? We’ll take that over some tired old high school reunion any day.

And talk about a holiday feast: we have a kitchen that rivals any other gentlemen’s clubs in the state. Our menu offers an array of classic Texan dishes and some barroom favorites, so there’s sure to be something everyone in your group will want to take a bite out of. And our bar is stocked with top-shelf liquor that’s sure to keep the holiday spirit flowing long into the night. (And it won’t be a Silent Night, either.)

Then there’s our selection of high end, top quality cigars. You can forget all about those candy canes, cause a fine cigar with a beautiful woman, a stiff drink and good company is some true Christmas cheer, isn’t it? A night like that would make for a better Christmas memory than the time your parents got you that Nintendo 64 and you stayed up all night playing it with your cousins. Yes, Mario Kart is great, but a night at Baby Dolls has got it beat by a mile or two. Or nine.

Plus, with our awesome array of flat screen televisions, all the non-stop NFL, NBA or UFC action will be broadcast live right here. Though not as live as our stunning cheerleaders, of course. You’ll more than likely keep your eyes fixed on the girls on the stage rather than the boys on the field.

So why sit around and watch A Christmas Story three times in a row with your family and friends? You all know what you really want for Christmas, and now you know where to get it.

Stop into Baby Dolls tonight!

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