Need Extra Income During The New Year? Now Hiring at Baby Dolls

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Picking up a little extra income during the holidays and the new year is a tradition as old as Christmas trees all month long and popping a bottle of champagne at midnight. But too many of these seasonal jobs offer too little pay and seem to suck away all your holiday cheer. Wouldn’t you rather work somewhere that’ll boost your Christmas cheer as well as your bank account?
Here at Baby Dolls, we’re always looking for people who know how to work hard AND play hard, especially this time of year. We’re currently looking for new members to round out our staff and provide, attentive service, and some other jobs that ensure that Baby Dolls isn’t the only number one in live Texas adult entertainment, but number one in customer satisfaction. Believe it or not, we can’t rely completely on our stunning babes to put smiles on the faces of everyone who walks through our doors. It takes a whole team, working together to make sure every aspect of our gentlemen’s club not only meets people’s high expectations but surpasses them as well. And by doing so, they can say at the end of the day that not only did they put in a good day’s work, but they can also say they had a whole lot of fun doing it.

Working at a place like Baby Dolls offers you the opportunity to have an awesome time on every shift. Not many other seasonal jobs can do that. Be honest, would you rather drive around a UPS truck, or sit in some office? Of course, you wouldn’t. If you’re going to punch in and out somewhere, it might as well be at a place that never, ever gets boring. We’ve got wall to wall action, which only makes working here that much more exciting. In a way, it’s not just a temp job; it’s a temp adventure. And as we all know, adventures offer a lot of stories that will stick with you for your life. It’s the best job you’ll ever have, and you know it.

Whether you’re working the door or working the floor, there’s never a dull moment. And with the holidays in full effect, it’ll only get wilder. You got college kids coming home for the holidays visiting families looking to have an insane night out. You got people in town visiting their families, and so many of them want nothing more to take a break from the holiday household madness and head to a place that has what they want for Christmas. And who can blame them? We’ve got the hottest girls in town, as well as some visiting ones in town who are looking to make a little cash, just like you. The people you’re going to meet at a job like this are true characters in every sense of the word, and we’re talking about your co-workers AND your customers. It’s an experience, unlike any job you’ve had before, or ever will.

Join Us at Baby Dolls

So what are you waiting for? A job on a Christmas tree lot? Or picking up a few bucks with catering gigs and some boring, stuffy old parties? Or maybe you’d like to sit behind a computer and type numbers all day for reasons that you’re not even all that sure of? No way. You want to work at a real Texas gentlemen’s club, with some wild co-workers, crazy customers, and the view you get isn’t all that bad either. And neither is the extra cash you’ll be picking up.

Close out the year with a bang. Apply to Baby Dolls today!

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