Perks of Being An Adult Dancer

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Cardi B. Amber Rose. Lady Gaga. What do all these women have in common? Aside from being wildly successful, each one of them got their start working as dancers at gentlemen’s clubs. In fact, a surprising number of women who are currently killin’ it was at one-time shakin’ it on stage. Many entrepreneurs, artists, and entertainers all honed their skills and padded their bank accounts with exotic dancing work.

But aside from the cash, (which is great, by the way) what makes exotic dancing a smart choice?

We asked a number of current dancers that very question, and we got back some pretty amazing answers. Here’s just a few:

All Hail The Queen

It’s no secret that beautiful women can be seen as nothing more than a pretty face and a hot body in society. Many people might say that stripping only encourages this kind of objectification, but most dancers would say otherwise. After all, what could be more empowering than standing over a man who’s handing you his hard-earned cash and worshipping you like a Queen? That’s a level of empowerment you’d have a hard time finding at most any other job.

The Pursuit of Happiness

If you have a passion in your life that you want to make a reality, you know how difficult that can sometimes be. Forty-hour a week jobs can monopolize so much of your time and leave you with a few hours at night and sometime during the weekends. Kind of hard to chase your dreams in such a limited window of time, isn’t it?

But dancing allows you to have so much more freedom. The shorter hours and nocturnal nature of the business can give you more than enough time to pursue higher education, make art, or even start your own business. In many ways, it’s the perfect job for women who have big plans in life.

Turning on the Charm

Dancing is more than just disrobing on a stage. There’s a lot to it that the average person doesn’t consider, one of them being the one-on-one interaction. If you want to make bank, you have to make conversation. We don’t mean just repeating the phrase “do you want a dance?” to every guy in the room. You’re selling your time, so developing charisma is a great way to keep customers interested, which keeps them paying. And that’s a skill that you can easily transfer over to other careers down the road.

These are just a few examples, but there are many other reasons to get into the business. If you think it’s right for you, join us here at Baby Dolls on April 27th for our Hiring Party and show us if you have what it takes!

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