Six Impressive Pole Dancing Moves that Deserve a Big Tip

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best pole dancing moves

Impressive Pole Dancing Moves

Pole dancing is an art form that requires considerable patience and practice to master. It requires skill and stamina to pull off the most difficult moves and, for dancers who master their craft, the reward is the admiration that appreciative guests shower upon the stage.

To that end, the following are six pole dancing moves that are worthy of high praise and generous tips.

Birds of Paradise

Essentially an adopted yoga pose, the Birds of Paradise can be done right side up or inverted. The move requires the dancer to place one leg behind her back, where she locks it in place with her arms. Once in position, she will spin and move as if she’s flying through the air.

Handspring Lift

A fairly simple move to execute, the dancer lifts her body up on the pole and positions her body horizontally above the stage. The apparent simplicity of the move belies the reality that this move requires considerable hand and arm strength to perform.

The Calf Kisser

This move requires the dancer to do a downward-facing split with her calf resting on the pole. A beautiful move, it is known as The Calf Kisser because the considerable pressure on the calf often leaves it bruised from the endeavor.

The Chinese Phoenix

An absolutely mesmerizing move, the Chinese Phoenix is a favorite of guests at Baby Dolls Dallas gentlemen’s club. When performing the move, the dancer will grab the pole with one hand and spin before grasping it with both hands and spinning and twisting herself around the pole. Successfully achieving this move requires remarkable coordination and timing.


This move is worthy of the superhero praise it receives every time it’s performed at Baby Dolls. To achieve it, the dancer climbs the pole, reaches back with one arm and flies horizontally to demonstrate that Supergirl is just as strong as that other Super guy.

Caterpillar Climb

Anyone can climb a pole while standing straight up, but climbing it in reverse takes things up a notch on the scale of difficulty. This move requires amazing amounts of strength and coordination to achieve.

Baby Dolls

The professional dancers at Baby Dolls have the skill, stamina and desire to show you these moves and so many more. If there are any moves that you would like to see performed, our dancers would be happy to strut their stuff for you.

We invite you to visit our Fort Worth gentlemen’s club and Dallas gentlemen’s club to see a show that will leave you spellbound and speechless.

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