How to Behave in A Gentlemen’s Club While Following Health Guidelines

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Rules to follow at Baby Dolls Gentlemen’s Club

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that none of us had an instruction manual for how to navigate today’s world – things have taken a turn for the unexpected. 

But the good news is that there are still plenty of ways to make the most of the day to day, and that includes visiting the Baby Dolls strip clubs in Dallas and Fort Worth. Here, we’re following every strip club guideline outlined by U.S. health experts while still serving up a sexy good time for our guests. Sure, things around the club look slightly different, but it’s still a party here every day and night. 

Before you round up your buddies and head over to the Baby Dolls Saloon near you, we recommend taking a look at our short and sweet guide to proper strip club behavior during these times. Don’t worry; we aren’t about to rain on your party-hard parade; we just want to make sure we’re all following health guidelines and keeping our guests, gorgeous girls, and staff safe and healthy.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to behave in a strip club while sticking to health guidelines – and how to have a good time doing it!

Know that for now, our dancers’ motto is, “Masks on, clothes off!”

Odds are, you’re plenty used to seeing everyone in their CDC-recommended face masks, so that’s nothing new. But you might be surprised to hear that even the Baby Dolls dancers are rocking masks, a decidedly new addition to their usual barely-there outfits.

So far, our guests have said that the masks add a mysteriously sultry element to our already-gorgeous girls. And frankly, once the stripteases start and the clothes start coming off, we highly doubt you’re going to be thinking twice about our dancers’ masks. Even so, please don’t ask dancers to remove their masks, and don’t touch, pull on, or try to loosen their masks – that’s a big no-no. 

Don’t be surprised if the club set-up looks a little bit different than it usually does.

Usually, we’re all for filling up the seats with happy guests, especially if it means adding to the club’s fun atmosphere. But for now, we’re switching it up with our seating arrangements to ensure plenty of safe space between tables and chairs.

We’re asking that guests leave chairs and tables where they’re at, so please don’t try to combine tables or scoot chairs to another location. At first glance, it might not be obvious, but a lot of time and effort went into positioning everything so that it’s “just right” for both fun and safety. So, please do us a big favor and leave the set-up as is.

There’s still not a bad seat in the house, especially if you’re treating yourself to a one-on-one dance. Plus, every seat is even situated to give you a perfect view of both the main and big-screen TVs, perfect for game day. Stop by for one of our sports viewing parties in Dallas or Fort Worth, and you’ll get to enjoy exciting action in more ways than one.

Expect to see a club that’s even more sparkling-clean than usual.

We’ve always had high standards when it came to keeping the Baby Dolls clubs up to par, but we’ve added new cleaning procedures to take it a step further. Regular sanitation is a constant priority for our team, and we’re always working to stay one step ahead of the newest health recommendations. 

Like always, our Dallas kitchen staff is following every health guideline and food safety rule to a T, preparing you delicious dishes that you can enjoy carefree. So, if you have questions about our cleaning and sanitation policies, ask away – we’re always happy to chat. 

Party with Proper Health Guidelines in Mind at Baby Dolls

If there’s one thing that we know here at Baby Dolls, everybody feels better after spending some time at our Dallas and Fort Worth strip clubs. Whether it’s work, home, or current events stressing you out, there’s no better way to wind down than with a Baby Dolls dancer in your lap. Plus, since we’ve taken our health and safety procedures to the next level, you can be confident that you’re enjoying a safe night (or day) at your favorite Texas strip club. 

Don’t you think you’ve gone long enough without treating yourself to a front-row seat at the best strip clubs in best strip clubs in Fort Worth and Dallas? Baby Dolls has set up a strip club experience that makes your health a priority, without sacrificing everything you know and love about our venues. 

Makes plans to party at the Baby Dolls nearest you for a safe and sexy strip club experience. Visit today!

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