The Right Ways to Make It Rain at a Dallas Strip Club

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making it rain at a strip club

Any guy off the street can walk into a gentlemen’s club and throw money in the air, but it takes skill to make it rain.

If you’re not familiar, “making it rain” is the act of taking a stack of dollar bills, (the higher the denomination, the better) tossing them upward, and letting gravity do the rest of the work. This storm of cash will turn heads and draw a crowd, and at a club like Baby Dolls, that’s one crowd you definitely want to be a part of.

But again, don’t think of it as simply “throwing money in the air.” Think of it as the ultimate way to express that you’re here for a good time, you have exactly what these girls want, and no one else in the club could possibly keep up with you no matter how many trips they make to the ATM.

So, if you don’t know how to create a legit money monsoon, we’ve created some tips that will keep you from looking like some clown who just flung his bus fare at the ceiling.


“Making it Rain” is one of the few acts in which the element of surprise should be a slow burn rather than a flash-fry. Throwing your cash up out of nowhere and without warning takes all the steam out of the act. Walk in, carry yourself with confidence, order a drink, and tip big. Before you know it, you’ll have drawn a crowd. All that’s left is to ask everyone if they brought their umbrellas.


Another flaw in the “from out of nowhere” approach is that if you’re a big enough goof to launch your cash skyward without gathering a crowd first, then you’re probably the guy who just blew his whole budget for the night.

“Making it Rain” may look like a spontaneous act, but it’s actually well thought out. Make sure you know how much is in your hand before you start flinging paper, and dole it out with a long-term plan in mind. If you’re going to make it rain, then make sure you make it last.


The guy who makes it rain while keeping his composure more than likely has deeper pockets than the guy who decided to add a wide-eyed scream and a big dumb smile to his money-throwing act.

Dancers know who can keep up with them all night long, and it’s usually the guy who acts like this is just another night for him.

So if you got a stack that you feel ought to be airborne, what are you waiting for? Come on into Baby Dolls in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX tonight!

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