Time to Plan Your Back To College Party in Dallas

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Summer break has slipped away, and now you’re staring down a school year of books, responsibilities, and life-prep. Luckily, the longer you look, the clearer it is that you’re also starin’ at a year of coed-dorms, college girls, and an ever-present solo cup. So grab your guys, this starter guide, and start planning for the future – one ridiculously hot party at a time.

Dorm Parties

You’ve gone from sleeping under your parents’ roof, to a thin wall apart from the gorgeous girl next door. You can do nothing, or you can throw a Back-to-School rager and make a name for yourself.

First, get your neighbors on board. Dorm rooms aren’t spacious, so the more open doors and room to roam, the better. It also means there’ll be a better chance of finding some privacy if the night takes a turn for the best.

Second, theme that bish! Try “Tight & Bright,” and encourage people to wear their tightest and brightest clothing – bonus points for the overachievers who aim low and short, too. Or throw a classic “Masquerade,” and tell guests to wear a mask, because the mystery is like magic and can make inhibitions seem to disappear.

Third, if you’re lucky enough to live in an actual house, seriously consider throwing a foam party. The moisture, the abandon, the sheer absurdity of dancing amid chest high bubbles – it just works.

Club Parties

Trying to get away? Take the party off-campus and hit up the best nightlife in Dallas. Between Lower Greenville, Deep Ellum, and Uptown, college students have your pick of party scenes. For a night with tiny tanks, ripped jeans, and shots, check out Milo Butterfingers, while Black Swan Saloon’s craft cocktails will make the swanky crowd forget summer was even a thing.

Give the night a title, and suddenly you have yourself an event. It really is that easy.

A Gentlemen’s Club Experience

You had to have known where this was leading, yeah? A night at the best Dallas gentlemen’s club is without a doubt the ultimate way to celebrate a fresh year of freedom, and Baby Dolls has you covered.

Find your guys, perhaps some adventurous ladies, and immediately take the party to Baby Dolls. You’ll find yourself instantly wrapped in erotic scenery, as this premier club delivers not one, not two or three, but seven stages of dancing. The view is everywhere, and few things could be more effective than that rush of awareness to help drain away the stress of school. Should you discover that rush is addicting, check out their VIP options for all the ways to indulge yourself.

Moreover, with a fully stocked bar and ladies eager to serve, there’s ever a cold drink within reach. Hungry? Our menu is packed with down-home Texas cuisine that’ll satisfy you almost as much as the show.


So yeah, summer may be over, but the heat isn’t goin’ anywhere. Grab your friends and visit Baby Dolls to cool down with the dolls.

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