How to Tip At A Strip Club

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When you rally the guys (or girls!) for a night out at the strip club, the odds are that you’re all hoping to have an epically good time. And while no doubt setting yourself up to party with the hottest ladies of Dallas at Baby Dolls is a surefire win, there are a few other things you should know for a first-class strip club experience.

Sure, our ladies are here to show you and your crew a good time, but at the end of the night, they’re professionals – and a little respect goes a long way. That means coming to the club well-prepared with knowledge of strip club etiquette basics, and that includes how to tip dancers for their hard work and top-notch talent.

Even among seasoned strip club enthusiasts, tipping can be somewhat confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. From your friendly team at Baby Dolls, here’s everything you need to know about when, how, and why to tip the next lovely lady that treats you to a show at the strip club.

How to Tip at a Strip Club

Tipping at a strip club isn’t as much of a mystery as it’s made out to be, the basic rules of tipping etiquette are pretty straightforward. First and foremost, remember this: while it’s true that the majority of dancers have a genuine love for entertaining, it’s also their job.

A genuinely talented entertainer knows how to make it all look easy, whether they’re rocking the main stage or settling into your lap for a one-on-one performance. But the truth is that it’s a job that requires its fair share of hard work, dedication, and talent. So, when a dancer at your favorite strip club leaves you picking your jaw up off the floor, a little “thank you” in the form of a tip is a good call.

To help you avoid any embarrassing errors, we’ve rounded up the go-to guidelines for how tipping at a gentlemen’s club works:

  1. If you have a seat at the stage, keep your tips steady.

If you’re sitting around the stage, strip club etiquette says that tipping is a must, and fair, consistent tipping is the best approach to take. Generally, the rule of thumb is at least a dollar or two per song per performer. If there’s a performance that turns up the heat, you can bet that the dancers will be thrilled to see you show how much you loved it – so feel free to express your enthusiasm in tips!

  1. If you’re with a group, you should all be tipping.

Don’t be the big group of guests that leaves the tips to just one guy or gal. Instead, everyone in your party should be participating in tipping. After all, every single one of you is enjoying the show, right?

  1. Remember that a lap dance usually comes with a house rate and a tip.

Depending on where your go, most lap dances have a flat per-dance cost. But on top of that, giving your dancer a tip is highly encouraged (and appreciated).

  1. Don’t forget the strip club host or hostess.

Are you hoping to take your strip club experience to the next level? The club host or hostess is your best bet because they’re the ones that can set up all the VIP perks. Make sure you set aside $10-20 to tip them as well, especially if they’ve helped you host an event.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you’re still feeling uncertain about strip club tipping protocol, like where to put the money or when to give it to the dancers, just ask! Strip club staff are always happy to help you be the best guest you can be.

Here’s a Tip: Party at the Best Dallas Strip Club Tonight

When it comes to the rules of tipping at a strip club, look at it this way: you should have such an incredible time that you want nothing more to show your appreciation with a generously-sized tip. If you aren’t finding yourself ready to “make it rain,” then it might be time to find yourself a new gentlemen’s club – or better yet, just head to Baby Dolls.

At the Baby Dolls gentlemen’s clubs in Dallas, our topless dancers put a sexy spin on the idea of Southern-style hospitality. And since our food and drinks are all impressively well-priced (and our Dallas strip club specials are plentiful!), you’ll have plenty of cash left to tip like a rock star.

Now that you have tipping know-how, you’re ready to make your way on down to the best strip club in Dallas: Baby Dolls Saloon. See you there!

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