Watch MMA Knockouts with the Baby Dolls’ Knockouts

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MMA matches at Baby Dolls are guaranteed to lift your spirits up, spin them around, and drop kick them into next week. As you watch your favorite fighters battle for survival, the sensuous curves and stunning smiles of our dancers will help soften the blows and smooth out the evening.

Party Packages that Feature Knockouts Who Will Knock You Out

What’s better than watching MMA with your friends? Watching it with some of the hottest dancers in Dallas! At Baby Dolls, our party packages put your group at the center of the action in the club.

Throughout the evening you will be surrounded by warrior princesses whose lethal curves and magical moves are the stuff of legend in Texas.

Let the Food and Drinks Flow Freely

While blood and tears are sure to flow freely in the ring, you and your friends will have a considerably more pleasant evening at Baby Dolls. Indeed, the only thing that will be flowing at your table will be food, drinks and fun. From BBQ to bottles of bubbly served by beautiful ladies with effervescent personalities, the only tears you’ll shed will be tears of joy.

Smoke ’em if You’ve Got ’em

There is just something so right about lighting a fine cigar of celebration when your favorite fighter knocks the other guy off his pedestal. At Baby Dolls, we have a fine selection of victory cigars you can light up and celebrate with. When the match is over and the other guy is getting his stitches, you can kick back with Don Thomas or Don Manola and revel in the victory.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

If your wallet has taken more hits this month than the MMA fighters on screen, then you will most certainly want to join Baby Dolls VIP Club. The smoking hot specials and exciting special events for our VIP clients can help save you money and soften the bruises from the utility company to the tax man.

The ladies at Baby Dolls are here to help you relax when you are ready to watch the rumble at our gentlemen’s clubs. We invite you to visit our gentlemen’s club in Dallas or our gentlemen’s club in Fort Worth to catch the year’s exhilarating MMA action.

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