What Is Your Gentlemen’s Club Song?

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gentlemens club songs

Hearing your favorite song and seeing a beautiful lady dancing in front of you on stage to that favorite song you have is one of the true highlights of life, right? Though you wouldn’t think music is the main reason people don’t really go to gentlemen’s clubs like Baby Dolls, it’s hard to imagine what a gentlemen’s club in Texas would be like without songs.

Imagine going into a club that offered no background noise to obscure the verbal exchanges between dancer and club patron, the steps of sexy heels on the stage, the clanks of shot glasses being toasted, or the laughter of friends exchanging words. It just wouldn’t be the same. Every beautiful woman needs her own theme music to dance just for you.

Time to find which song is just perfect for your next VIP lap dance from a hot lady at Baby Dolls.

Quiz: https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/455524/what-s-your-favorite-gentlemen-s-club-song-copy 

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