What to Drink With a Cigar: Pairing Your Vices Right

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There’s nothing quite like sitting back and enjoying the smooth flavor and rich tastes of the world’s finest cigars. Pairing your favorite cigar with the right drink can enhance the experience by bringing out new flavors for you to enjoy.

Cigar and Drink Pairings

When it comes to cigar and drink pairings, the following are some we highly recommend at the Baby Dolls gentlemen’s clubs in Dallas and Fort Worth.

H. Upmann: Upmanns ideally are paired with a rich red wine. The bold flavors of a cabernet are the perfect complement to the earthy flavors of the cigar.

Casa Magna, Cojimar Vanilla or Romeo y Julieta: These fine cigars are famous for their deliciously sweet aftertaste. Each one is well suited to be paired with a bottle of Merlot or a smooth sip of cognac.

Partagas: Among the most-renowned cigars in the world, this is the cigar you would expect the Most Interesting Man in the World to order. Being a simple cigar, a Partagas goes nicely with a bold bottle of Guinness.

Macanudo: Macanudos are full of hidden flavors that the right combination of gin, soda and lime can help bring out. A Tanqueray gin and tonic is a fantastic drink to savor while you take long, slow pulls from any Macanudo.

Avo: Avo cigars and other strong cigars can be paired quite nicely with a high-quality bottle of champagne such as a Moet or Dom Perignon. The bubbles will cleanse the palate between pulls and bring new depth to each draw.

Pairing Notes

Rums: Spicy cigars do well with rum-based drinks. The combination of sugar and spice makes everything nice. Whether it’s a daiquiri or a rum and coke, this is a pairing that will enhance your visit to our gentlemen’s clubs in Fort Worth and Dallas.

Whiskey: The folks in the Old West had it right when they paired whiskey with their stogie. Large, long-lasting cigars go great with light-sipping whiskey.
Cognac or brandy: Both of these liquors go fantastic with cigars. The spicy notes of cognac or brandy provide a level of complexity and help bring out the hidden flavors within the tobacco.

Beer: Light beers pair up nicely with mild, light cigars such as Te-Amos. Conversely, heavier cigars such as Maduros and Medicis do well with full-bodied, more robust stouts and ales.

Baby Dolls

Still wondering what to drink with a cigar? Stop by the Baby Dolls Saloon in Fort Worth or Dallas and we will be happy to help you explore the fabulous world of cigar and drink pairings.

Our bars always are fully stocked with the finest beer, wine and drinks. Most importantly, our bartenders and cigar aficionados can help you discover the best pairing for your palate.

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