Job Openings at a Gentleman’s Club in Dallas: Why Work at Baby Dolls Saloon

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why going to the strip club is better than the bars

If you’re searching for great job openings at a Gentlemen’s Club in Dallas and Fort Worth, you’re probably facing a long list of temp positions, entry-level retail work, and other jobs that don’t exactly grab your interest. But if you’re searching for something different, a well-paying career where you can have a good time, then you might just want to consider a position at a gentlemen’s club.

For anyone looking for work in the adult entertainment industry, there’s no shortage of opportunities to consider. In fact, if you were to open up your Internet browser and plugin search terms like “jobs,” “adult club,” “Fort Worth,” and “Dallas,” we’re willing to bet that you’d pull up an impressive number of search results. But instead of wasting time at low-bar night clubs that pay next to nothing or empty venues where you’ll never score good tips, why not get yourself a fun, exciting job at the top strip club in Texas?

Baby Dolls is known as one of the best nightlife venues in Dallas and Fort Worth, with our two locations being the place to go for guests who want to have a sexy night out where they’re treated like a rock star VIPs. From our jaw-dropping topless dancers and game-day specials to our great menu and selection of luxury cigars, we’ve created the ultimate adult entertainment experience. As a guest, you get to enjoy the very best in Texas nightlife – but as an employee, you essentially get paid to have a good time. What else could you ask for?

Take the Stage at the Best Gentlemen’s Club in Texas

Whether you’re a veteran dancer or just interested in breaking into the business, we may have a spot on the Baby Dolls stage for you. A career as an exotic dancer can be a fun, exciting way to make a very nice living, especially if you’re working at a top-rated gentlemen’s club-like Baby Dolls. Many people are surprised to learn how much income you can make as a dancer.

As one of the highest-paying strip clubs in Texas, Baby Dolls is one of the best places to work in Dallas and Fort Worth. Plus, we offer training for newbie dancers, so you don’t have to come in an expert to make it big.

Other Ways to Join the Baby Dolls Team

Want to work at a gentlemen’s club, but aren’t sure if becoming a dancer is the right option for you? There are plenty of other ways to be part of the Baby Dolls team, even for those who prefer a career out of the sexy spotlight.

Serve Up Fun as Part of the Baby Dolls Wait Staff

While the dancers are here to cater to our guests’ sexiest desires, Baby Doll’s wait staff satisfy guests’ appetites in a different way – by making sure they have everything they want to eat and drink during their visit. You’ll get to meet a diverse variety of people, who are nearly always happy to make interesting conversation while you’re at their table.

The laidback environment means you’ll get to interact with many people who are at their most relaxed, making it easy to have a good time even while you’re working. Plus, our talented dancers are experts at pleasing Baby Dolls guests, which means you’ll be serving seriously happy people and benefit from their generous tips.

Mix it Up at the Baby Dolls Bar

What would a guys’ (or girls’!) night out be without a few good drinks? Bartenders at Baby Dolls have a solid line-up of quality beers, wines, and liquors at their disposal, including premium brands like Cristal, Dom Perignon, and more.

You’ll have a front-row seat to all the sultry action, from the on-stage performances to the red-hot personal dance given to lucky guests. As a Baby Dolls bartender, you’ll be responsible for a big part of our guests’ overall experience and the one topping off their glasses while the party goes on and on.

Cook Up Tasty Dishes in the Baby Dolls Kitchen

Consider yourself somewhat of a culinary connoisseur? Or maybe you’re just open to learning something new and want to put your top-rate cooking skills to the test. In any case, joining the Baby Dolls kitchen staff is an excellent way to heat up your career. Guests can order food during all business hours, which means our kitchen staff has plenty of opportunities to get solid hours.

We might be known as home to the sexiest topless dancers in Texas, but Baby Dolls is also famous for our top-quality menu packed with classic American-style favorites. In the kitchen, you’ll whip up mouth-watering dishes like chicken quesadillas, chicken-fried steak, juicy rib-eyes, and traditional Texas toast.

Keep the Good Times Rolling as a Baby Dolls Manager

Just about everyone that comes to Baby Dolls is here for a little friendly fun and we have just the position for people who want to facilitate the shifts go smoothly for both customers and staff.

As a gentlemen’s club manager, you’ll need to have the strength and confidence to handle any situations, tackling any situation with a professional but no-nonsense attitude. Think of yourself as the protector of our sexy Baby Dolls dancers and guardian of our clients’ strip club fun.

Here’s our current job listing for managers for you to check out:

Burch Management Company is seeking Entry Level Managers for our all of our clubs. Are you a self-motivated hard-working person who likes to have FUN? Then we want you to be a part of our team! Please email us your resume, visit to apply, or text “BurchClubs” to 97211.

Desired Skills and Experience (Preferred but not necessary)

· Customer Service Experience

· Leadership Experience

· Hospitality Experience

· Experience working in an Adult Club or Bar Environment


· Positive Attitude

· Outgoing Personality

· Communication Skills

· Works Well With Others

· Likes to WORK HARD

· Likes to have FUN

Job Type: Full-time

Apply to Work at Baby Dolls Today

Why work at a strip club? For starters, the unique work environment means you’ll always be able to look forward to an enjoyable day on the job. Forget slaving away at a desk in a cubicle wasteland, because a job at a gentlemen’s club is anything but boring. Make your daily work environment one that’s more like a party than a job, while still scoring an impressive paycheck.

Here at Baby Dolls, we’re all about working hard while still having a good time, giving our guests an unforgettable experience at the same time that we create a great work environment for all our employees. Your strip club career can take a variety of routes, all of which can be a steady source of solid income along with a seriously good time. From our Baby Dolls dancers to the kitchen staff and everyone in between, everyone on the Baby Dolls team has an important part to play.

When it comes to adult club jobs, Dallas and Fort Worth have just one name that rises above the rest: Baby Dolls. If you’re interested in a lucrative career with a party-friendly attitude, Baby Dolls might be just the place for you. Learn more about Fort Worth and Dallas strip club jobs at Baby Dolls on our employment page and start filling out your application today.

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