Watch Sports and Enjoy Game day Specials

female models wearing sports equipmentSure, when you and the guys want to watch the big game, you could always just choose any one of the dozens of Fort Worth and Dallas sports bars – but why sell yourself short? We all know that if you’ve been to one sports bar, you’ve basically been to them all: every single one is packed with people, half of which are either obnoxious fans for the other team or non-watchers who are just taking up the good seats. Between fighting for a spot where you can actually see the television screen and trying to get at least one beer from the overworked bartender, the typical sports bar experience leaves something to be desired.

But at Baby Dolls, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the game the way it should be: with a solid supply of drinks and great food, gorgeous girls keeping you company, and all the action right up there on the big screen. Everywhere you turn in our Fort Worth and Dallas strip clubs, you have a perfect view of both the numerous big-screen TVs and our red-hot topless dancers. We celebrate every game and match-up like it’s the Superbowl, World Series, and NBA Finals combined, partying hard no matter who takes the win.

If your team goes home with the victory, you can celebrate with another round here at Baby Dolls – in fact, why not treat yourself to topless lap dance to keep the good times rolling? But if your team ends up with a loss, you’ll still be in great shape, because our Baby Dolls know exactly how to cheer you up with some playful, flirty fun and a cold beer or two. It doesn’t matter what the scoreboard says when the clock runs out, because you can count on leaving Baby Dolls with a winning smile on your face.

Dallas Strip Club Events for Every Sport and Season

Baby Dolls is the first choice for Fort Worth and Dallas sports viewing parts and game day events, airing all the must-see match-ups and games all year long. Here, we consider ourselves equal-opportunity sports fans, which means that you can see just about anything you want on one or more of our big screens. While other sports bars in Texas might just air a few bandwagon teams or games, you’ll be able to catch all the action at Baby Dolls.

Throughout the year, we host a variety of sports-themed days and events to make it even more fun, shaking up your usual game-day routine with an extra helping of R-rated fun. You never know what surprise the Baby Dolls exotic dancers might have up their sleeves, especially when we’re celebrating a special club event.

Want to throw your very own sports viewing party? Our Dallas and Fort Worth strip clubs are happy to accommodate special occasions and get-togethers. We’ll hook you up with a party package and plan to suit your crew, guaranteeing you a big win as the MVP of the game-day hangout.

Do Game Day Right

Stop settling for a subpar game-day setup at home, in your buddy’s garage, or at the neighborhood sports bar – there’s no better place to cheer on your team than from a comfortable seat at Baby Dolls. Between the big-screen sports action and the sexy strippers onstage, not to mention our full liquor bar and delicious food, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of this week’s big game.